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Web Address/Domain Registration

What does your E mail and Web Address say about you? No matter how big or small your business is, an E mail/Web Address can have a huge impact on your success.

Is your Web Address
  • YourBusinessName.com
  • YourBusinessName.com.au
  • or YourBusinessName.org.au (depending on your service)

If it is available you can get it and get it now! Make it simple for people to find you on the web. If your business has high profile products or services you might also look at having a web address in the name of your products or service.

An E mail address to match
It disappoints me when I see companies that have a web site address, but their email addresses are @optus..., @bigpond..., etc. Promote your brand not theirs! Believe me when I say, the Telstra’s of this World love you to use @bigpond, as it promotes their company every time you send an e mail, and you pay for the privilege. And if you advertise in the Yellow Pages, they have you locked into using their service for a year, free youself today.

We can easily provide you with e mail addresses @YourWebAddress so you can start growing your business, your brand and not theirs. You deserve it!

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